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Complex development of biological products for medicine, veterinary and cosmetology

  • Complex development of biological products for medicine, veterinary and cosmetology

    The company "Pharma gene" provides services and performs research and development in the following areas:

    1. Patent Research

    2. Gene and protein engineering to create a biopharmaceutical drugs.

    3. The development of non-viral delivery methods of gene therapy constructs.

    4. Development of protein preparations for medicine, veterinary medicine and cosmetology.

    5. Development of stable liquid dosage forms of the recombinant proteins.
    • Development dosage form supporting recombinant proteins for a long time in dissolved form
    • Analysis of the refolding and storage efficiency by the original method

    6. Create drugs based on humanized chimeric monoclonal antibodies.
    • sequencing of the genes encoding the variable domains of a mouse MAb
    • Creating bicistronic vectors containing genes encoding the variable domains of the mouse MAb and the constant domains of human IgG1
    • Preparation of stable CHO cell lines
    • Annotate the variable domains of mouse MAbs using a modified algorithm Kabat - Chothia and molecular modeling conformational homology of the antibody with taking into account the CDR and FR structure, as well as data on VH / VL folding corners in the donor and acceptor antibodies
    • transfer of the CDR from donor mouse monoclonal antibody to the chosen human acceptor antibody
    • Increasing the affinity of humanized antibodies using a combinatorial directed mutagenesis of the predicted amino acid residues that affect the antibody affinity

    7. Development of medical and veterinary preparations for gene therapy
    • Create a vector for gene therapy based on plasmid DNA
    • Development of technology for scalable ion-exchange chromatographic purification of plasmid DNA.

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