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ELSOD - universal cosmetic biologic for care of the damaged skin
Cosmetic Set EL'SOD
ELSOD - universal cosmetic biologic for care of the damaged skin
EL'SOD promotes the accelerated recovery after various skin damage due to the unique combination of active ingredients: superoxide dismutase (SOD), L-arginine, succinic acid and dexpanthenol. Has a strong local anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect, normalizes cellular metabolism, improves blood circulation.

- After a traumatic DERMATOLOGY procedures (chemical, biological and ultrasonic peeling, mechanical and laser skin resurfacing, fractional laser and mechanical (mezorollery etc.) impact epilation.
- In the treatment of photo and contact dermatitis (all types of burns, including chemical, thermal, UV and solar).
- In the treatment of pyoderma, acne, rosacea.
- As an independent and additional means of care in the home for any skin lesions.

EL'SOD - versatility and ease of use
It is used both as professional cosmetics, and for home care. Use of the preparation does not require special knowledge and skills. Suitable for people with any skin type, any age and gender. Can be applied to the face and other body parts. Atraumatic, comfortable to use, does not require rinsing.

EL'SOD contains only components peculiar to the human body.

EL'SOD - a powerful protective, antioxidant and regenerative effect.
Provides a quick and visible results. Almost immediately after the application it reduce unpleasant subjective sensation of previous traumatic procedures. Contains only water-soluble components which do not form a film on the skin, preventing the metabolic processes of regeneration and cell breathing. 

ELSOD - low probability of emergence of allergic reactions.

EL'SOD  doesn't contain components, including dyes, preservatives, fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, etc., harmful to an organism.

EL'SOD - uniqueness composition.
EL'SOD components are selected in such a way that supplement and strengthen action of each other.

During existence the company successfully mastered various approaches to creation of modern high-tech biological products
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